LOGItram, a range of software for building trades, a recognized expertise when you are a manufacturer, a company or a trader working with wall, ceiling, raised floor, tile and bathroom. The best choice to treat all of your business with confidence.

logiciel cloisons
logiciel cloisons

is the specific software to study and quantify yards partitions, demountable "cold" partitions and clean rooms.

Additional modules also allow the creation and calculation of projects including movable walls or partitions cabinet.

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logiciel plafond

is a specific software to Study and quantify yards requiring griding, such as false ceilings, raised floors, floor coverings, tiles.

Improve your profitability by controlling your rate of fall and get all your cuts to reality.

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logiciel plaque de platre
logiciel platre

is specialized software for the trades of gypsum and ceiling.

With a database incorporating the products of the 3 leading manufacturers in the domestic market, you calculate your yards immediately with the management of fall rates and packing lists for materials and taking into account the manpower.

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logiciel métré
logiciel métré

is a Multi-Manufacturers calculator to quantify precisely to your customers the materials necessary for the realization of their yard.

The usual technical options for implementation of systems in the business of false ceilings, partitioning, doubling, or even cover the exterior walls are included and validated by the Manufacturers themselves.

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We wanted to facilitate the quantitative approach for our customers by integrating our products in the multi-manufacturers database in Constructor.– Jean-Christophe CORNU – Knauf AMF – Amf

From the beginning of BOLMIN PROFILS, we integrated LOGItram softwares in our commitment to service strategy for our clients. This enables our design office to find appropriate and quick answers for all the projects in our care.– Jean Claude Chemin – CEO – Bolmin Profils

Partner from the beginning of FS2i, Clips uses LOGiwall for every projects. This allows us to respond effectively to our customers in terms of benefits and time. Usability of the software and relevant databases created in partnership with FS2i LOGItram make the right tool for our research and our drivers.– Alain MARQUELET – Director R&D – Clips

LOGItram is an essential interlocutor in the field of quantification and drawing system of office partitions. Quantification software developed in collaboration is now used by hundreds of distributors and business customers. Simple and easy to use, it provides an accurate and reliable calculation for the supply of all projects using CLIPPER partitions.– Gildas BRILLE – Marketing Manager – Clipper

Ecophon has always had a strong policy of service to its customers, as our range of suspended ceilings is available in the tools calepinage of LOGItram for several years. The quantitative approach of Constructor meets other expectations, including those of retailers.– Fabienne BIDAUT – Marketing and Communication – Ecophon

Partner of FS2i, OZ Alu materializes 35 years of experience through this versatile software. Indeed, LOGItram allows us and our 500 clients, to give an effective and attractive response to all the configurations of development.– Bruno De Biasi – sales manager – Oz Alu

Partitions Partena recently joined LOGIwall users. Gains in accuracy, productivity and presentation are all the factors that led us to this choice. In addition, the complementary product range LOGItram, particularly ceilings, are all based on our activities. Finally, the friendliness of the interface allowed the rapid deployment.– Pierre NGUYEN –Director Systems & Process – Cloisons Partena

Like LOGItram, Rockfon tries to continuously innovate and devotes special efforts to research and development. As one of the leading manufacturers of suspended ceilings in Europe, it is natural that our group supports its customers in their choices and their projects by integrating this multi-manufacturers tool named Constructor.– Karine Denoyer –Marketing Manager – rockfon

Our design department uses LOGIwall every day. FS2i assisted us effectively for the creation of our libraries and we know that it's possible for us to change them to suit our needs. LOGItram tools allow us to produce quality work with excellent productivity.– Guillaume Loth Demay –Chief Executive – SIC

USG Donn was among the first partners of FS2i, our range of structures have been integrated into LOGItram ceilings from the beginning. We naturally continue the same approach by being present in Constructor for our customers.– Lionel VIMONT – sales manager – USG Donn