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LOGItram | FS2i, editor and leader specializing in the lay and modulation has extended the range of applications LOGItram.

They have become indispensable tools for the proper functioning of a company's second construction-building.


World leader for over 20 years

The strength of our company lies in proprietary algorithms developed over the years, both in the field of pattern layout that of modulation.
The design of the range was initiated Logitram there are over 20 years within a company's second-construction, which gives our products a perfect match with the needs of professionals in this sector. The constant evolution of our software allows us to retain an undeniable leadership.

An international presence

To be closer to our customer, we have developed an international network continues to expand. Our presence in nearly 20 countries allows us to take into account the particularities of each market and thereby to offer tailored software, currently available in 11 different languages.

A service company

Our company is more than just a software company. Our priority is to offer our customers a fully customized which allows them to have software that can integrate their own specific techniques, be it tiling, ceiling, wall, etc.. We assist our customers in integrating our software into their business operations and data calculated by them in their management system or billing.


FS2i SAS . 8 Impasse de Toulouse - BP141 - 78001 VERSAILLES (cedex)

SAS au capital de 165 000 euros
SIRET : 351480371 00043
NAF : 5829C
Tel : +33 (0)1 39 07 28 28 - Fax : +33 (0)1 39 07 18 70